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Japanese Zodiac Sign of the Snake ( hebi )

The Japanese Zodiac Sign of the Snake

What's so special about hebi?

All about the Snake.
In Japan, we say hebi. In Japanese Hiragana, we write it as へび.

The Japanese Snake Zodiac sign are for people born the year 1917 and each consecutive 12 year period thereafter.

The Birth years of the Snake Sign:
2001, 1989, 1977, 1965, 1953, 1941, 1929, 1917

People born in the year of the Snake Japanese Zodiac are amazing deep thinkers before committing to anything. Snake people are very determined individuals and pursue there dreams and ambitions to the highest limits. The hate to fail in there dreams and desires in life.

Snake people don't speak much, in fact they speak very little keeping there ideas and thoughts to themselves yet they possess a tremendous form if wisdom and mental strength.

Snake Sign individuals are good with money and financial matters, they are fortunate and are able to obtain there financial rewards in life through there continued persistence nature.

Famous Male and Female celebrities who are part of the Snake Japanese Zodiac.

Chris Rock (1965)
Dr. Dre (1965)
Sarah Jessica (1965)
Robert Downey Jr. (1965)
Brooke Shields (1965)
Elizabeth Hurely (1965)
Shania Twain (1965)
Ben Stiller (1965)
Orlando Bloom (1977)
Shakira (1977)
Robin Thickie (1977)
Sarah Michelle Gellar (1977)
Sarah Wayne Callies (1977)
Liv Tyler (1977)