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Japanese Zodiac Sign of the Horse ( uma )

The Japanese Zodiac Sign of the Horse

What's so special about uma?

All about the Horse.
In Japan, we say uma. In Japanese Hiragana, we write it as うま.

The Japanese Horse Zodiac sign are for people born the year 1906 and each consecutive 12 year period thereafter.

The Birth years of the Horse Sign:
2002, 1990, 1978, 1966, 1954, 1942, 1930, 1918, 1906

People born in the year of the Horse Japanese Zodiac are excellent quick thinkers. They are able to make cautious and informed decisions pretty quickly based on there broad knowledge.

Horse sign individuals are excellent charmers and skilled in paying compliments of praise upon others yet people of the Horse sign talk too much most of the time.

The Horse people are very skilled when it comes to money and handle there personal and business finances very well. Horse people are usually successful in what they set out to do. They are talented individuals and very wise in there overall decisions in life.

Horse people can anger very easily over all sorts of small and large matters due to there nature. They are also very impatient and want things to happen instantly if they really desire for something disregarding the thoughts of others.

Famous Male and Female celebrities who are part of the Horse Japanese Zodiac.

Cindy Crawford (1966)
Janet Jackson (1966)
Matthew Fox (1966)
Martina McBride (1966)
Halle Berry (1966)
Lee Ann Womack (1966)
Salma Hayek (1966)
David Schwimmer (1966)
Kiefer Sutherland (1966)
Ashton Kutcher (1978)
Benjamin McKenzie (1978)
Usher (1978)
Katherine Heigl (1978)
Nelly Furtado (1978)
Katie Holmes (1978)